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Mommy Makeover Los Angeles

Mommy makeover after pregnancy in Los Angeles is aplastic surgery procedure sought by women after child birth. New mothers choose to have a mommy makeover plastic surgery in order to regain the figure that they once had prior to pregnancy. The women who seek a Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills want to have their tummy stretch marks and hanging skin folds removed, as well as, to lift and augment their empty sagging breasts.The rapid enlargement of the abdomen during pregnancy produces stretch marks of the tummy, hip, and thighs. It also stretches the abdominal muscles causing a lower abdominal pouch. That is why moms cannot get tight abs with diet and exercise. A tummy tuck, or “abdominoplasty,” tightens the abdominal muscles, removes the excess hanging skin folds and stretch marks; rejuvenates the belly button; and even at times, tones the upper thighs and buttocks.  Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Younai, accomplishes all of this, and more, with the  The High Tension Abdominoplasty™. It combines liposuction and tummy tuck to shape and form a women’s torso to that of an hourglass. In fact, our mommy makeover before and after pictures can attest to our results!After your mommy makeover consultation our plastic surgery financing analyst can review mommy makeover prices, costs, and financing with you. To prepare you for yourmommy makeover recovery coursewe will give you valuabletips for faster recovery.Fixing sagging breasts after breast feeding!During pregnancy, the breasts enlarge causing the skin, areola, and the supporting ligaments to stretch. After breastfeeding, breast tissue shrinks and loses significant volume, thus resulting in empty breasts that sag. In order to make breasts perky again, a mommy makeover surgeonperforms a breast augmentation and lift along with a tummy tuck.


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